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I REFUSE TO NOT BE INAPPROPRIATE!!!!!!!! But I also blog anime, food, music, marvel, dc comics, science, space, art, Etc. :-) i'm a big movie buff and a writer, i love women entirely, and video games are my forte, if anything i'm quite well rounded and extremely cultured. so anyways, Enjoy ^_^ I'M A HARDCORE HENTAI ADDICT SO DON'T FOLLOW ME IF YOU'RE NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE. Seriously, I'm big into porn, ask my girlfriend Her tumblr's worst than mine actually lol

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Lightning Strikes & Star Trails by Matt Molloy 
I almost missed this storm…. probably because I was working on photos or surfing the net. On my way to a friends house I noticed the flashes and turned around to head in their direction. I didn’t stay too long, the storm lasted maybe 30-45 minutes.